John Sundquist

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John Sundquist
Born c. 1837[i]
either Illinois or Sweden (the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway)
Died 9 August 1898 (61)
Moline, Rock Island Co., Illinois
Burial Riverside Cemetery, Moline, Rock Island Co., Illinois[ii]

John Sundquist (b. c. 1837 - d. August 9, 1898) was a Swedish itinerant worker who was reported to have committed suicide at his boarding house in Moline, Rock Island County, Illinois after having become "demented over his unsuccessful effort of years to invent a perpetual motion machine." The owner of the house he lived in, George Swanson, said he knew nothing about the man's family or background, and little about what he even did for a living, except that he travelled extensively and in "first-class style." No details of the alleged machine were provided.

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  1. U.S. Census for 1880,, lists John Sundquist, resident at George Swanson's home, as having been born around 1845, while reports on his death give an age of 61, placing his birth closer to 1837.
  2. Per Sec ET Lot 1058 Grave 10.