John Pendragon

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John Pendragon
Born Lewis Thomas Haynes Ackermann
25 September 1910(1910-09-25) [1]
Sidcup, London Borough of Bexley, Kent, England, United Kingdom
Died 25 January 1970 (59) [2]
Tonbridge, Kent, England, U.K.
Known for Tabloid predictions

Lewis Thomas Haynes Ackermann (September 25, 1910 - January 25, 1970), more commonly known as John Pendragon, was an English clairvoyant who wrote psychic predictions for such periodicals as Fate Magazine and Prediction, including premonitions regarding the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and a doomsday prophecy for the Atlantic states of the United States "from Boston to Baltimore," and particularly New York, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia, which he said would be "wiped out" by floods, while other parts of the world would be likewise destroyed, before or during 1993.

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