John Ballou Newbrough

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John Ballou Newbrough
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As depicted in J. Nelson Jones's Thaumát-Oahspe

Born 5 June 1828(1828-06-05)
Mohickinsville (Mohicanville), Ohio
Died 22 April 1891 (62)
Shalam Colony, Doña Ana County, New Mexico
Burial Shalam Cemetery; his remains were re-interred with Masonic rites at the Masonic Cemetery in Las Cruces, New Mexico when the properties of the Shalam Colony were sold to private interests
Affiliations First Church of the Tae (Faithist)

John Ballou Newbrough (June 5, 1828 - April 22, 1891) was an American physician and dentist who founded the Faithists, a religious movement based on his Oahspe: A New Bible that he reported he had received through automatic writing via a typewriter.

Selected Bibliography

  • Newbrough, John B. (1882), Oahspe: A New Bible in the Words of Jehovih and His Angel Embassadors. A Sacred History of the Dominions of the Higher and Lower Heavens on the Earth for the Past Twenty-four Thousand Years, New York: Oahspe Publishing Association