Johannes Trithemius

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Johannes Trithemius
(Ioannes Tritemius)
Born Johann Heidenber
1 February 1462(1462-02-01)
Trittenheim, Electorate of Trier, Holy Roman Empire
Died 13 December 1516 (54)
Prince-Bishopric of Würzburg, Holy Roman Empire
Alma mater Heidelberg University
Noted work(s) Steganographia (c. 1499)

Johannes Trithemius (February 1, 1462 - December 13, 1516), or Ioannes Tritemius, born Johann Heidenberg, was a German Catholic monk, abbot of the Benedictine Abbey at Sponheim (1483-1506) and later St. James's Abbey at Würzburg (1506-1516), and influential scholar interested in lexicography and cryptography, the latter being a subject in his Steganographia.

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