Joanna Southcott

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Joanna Southcott
Born April 1750
Tarford Farm, Ottery St. Mary, Devon, England
Died 26 December 1814 (64)
London, England

Joanna Southcott (April 1750 - December 1814) was an English prophetess who was active in her prognosticating — in the form of rhyming poetry — from 1793 until her death, drawing a following of some one hundred thousand Southcottians in her lifetime. She declared herself to be the Woman of the Apocalypse spoken of in the Book of Revelation (12:1-6), and her crowning prophecy was that she would give birth to the Prince of Peace, Shiloh of Genesis (Genesis 49:10), on 19 October 1814, a date that came and went, two months after which she died.

Selected Works of Prophecy

  • The Strange Effects of Faith (London: E. J. Field, 1802)
  • The True Explanation of the Bible, Revealed by Divine Communications to Joanna Southcott (London: S. Rousseau, 1804)
  • The Book of Wonders (1813–1814)
  • Prophecies announcing the birth of the Prince of Peace, extracted from the works of Joanna Southcott to which are added a few remarks thereon, made by herself, ed. Ann Underwood. (London: 1814)