Jean-Philippe Crouzet

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Jean-Philippe Crouzet
Born 7 May 1928(1928-05-07)
Paris, French Third Republic
Died 28 August 2003 (75)
Villiers-le-Bel, Val-d'Oise, French Fifth Republic

Jean Philippe Marie Romuald Crouzet (March 7, 1928 - August 28, 2003) was a French physician, inventor, and writer interested in parapsychology, spiritualism, and ufology. Of some interest, Crouzet held several patents related to a transparent warm-air helmet intended to spare people having to breathe cold winter air, which he supposed caused a variety of illnesses.

Selected Bibliography

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Crouzet was the translator of Mes Amis, les Hommes de l'Espace (1965), a French edition of Howard Menger's book From Outer Space To You (1959), in which Menger recounted his encounters with alien visitors.

Selected Patents

  • US2989049A, Arrangement for Protection Against Cold and Inclement Weather. 20 June 1961, filed 1 May 1958. "My improved arrangement is constituted chiefly by a transparent rigid casing surrounding the head of the wearer and bearing through its open lower opening over the shoulders of the wearer, the upper part of his back and of his chest, while furthermore the front surface of the casing is provided with ports through which the outer air required for breathing purposes enters inside the easing. Such an arrangement forms around the head of the wearer a closed chamber protecting against the wind and enclosing a mass of air the temperature of which is substantially higher than the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere by reason of the heat insulation provided by said casing."

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