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Jack Lamb was a man of uncertain background who died on 19 July 1931[i] while a tenant of Mollie Collier at 3120 Forest Avenue in Dallas, Texas, where he had resided for some while prior to his passing.[ii] It was speculated in an International News Service (INS) report that Lamb was, in fact, L. W. de Laurence, and that he had contacts with Walter Scott, a.k.a. "Death Valley Scotty"; these speculations were based on discoveries among the few effects in Collier's care, including "a trunk full of books by Dr. De Laurence," these containing pictures of de Laurence that resembled Lamb, and papers including "torn pieces of telegrams, addressed to Walter Scott (Death Valley Scott)." It was further suggested that the Scott in De Laurence, Scott & Co. was Walter Scott.

The speculative reporting runs contrary to the fact that L. W. de Laurence did not die until 11 September 1936, still residing in Illinois, where he continued to operate his business during the ten years he would otherwise have been in Texas.

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