De Laurence, Scott & Co.

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de Laurence, Scott & Co.
de Laurence, Scott & Co.
Formation ~1908
Purpose/focus Occultism, New Age
Headquarters Chicago, Ill.

The de Laurence, Scott & Co. was an American publisher and distributor of occult literature and supplies, founded by L. W. de Laurence and his partners in Chicago, Illinois. The company was eventually re-organized as the de Laurence Co., which continued to operate under L. W. de Laurence's son, Velo de Laurence, and exists to this day.


in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois

  • 356 Dearborn St. (office suite)
  • 1514 Masonic Temple (office suite) (~1909)
  • 117 N. Wabash Ave (~1914)
  • 179 North Michigan Ave. (~1937)
  • 180 N Wabash Ave. [60601] (~1958)