J. Moses' Electro Galvanic Spectacles

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J. Moses' Electro Galvanic Spectacles
J. Moses Electro Galvanic Spectacles - Harpers Weekly (16.818, p883) - 1872-08-31.jpg

Medical Claims Improved vision, healing, and "nerve power" via galvanic electricity
Creator(s) Judah Moses

J. Moses' Electro Galvanic Spectacles are electro-therapeutic spectacles, based on the patented design of Judah Moses.[1]

Design and Effects

The design consists of a conventional pair of spectacles with "small rubber cases attached to the sides" that contain "two perfect galvanic batteries, sending a continuous stream of Electricity through the nerves of the head", promoted as being beneficial to poor eyesight and a variety of other ailments, "giving to the overtaxed brain NERVE POWER."[2]

According to Moses' patent, "the moisture of the head or perspiration coming in contact with the voltaic piles, and especially so when it is enough in quantity to moisten the cloth between the plates of metal, is sufficient to create a decided electrical current, which necessarily affects the nerves of the head, inasmuch as it is between the poles of the battery."[1]


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