J. D. Ellsworth

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Jeremiah Dolbier Ellsworth (August 28, 1823 - April 27, 1886) was an American farmer resident near Waterloo, Iowa who was said to have been "become deranged" in 1871, his mental condition credited in newspaper reporting to his "overstudy upon a machine which he conceived to be perpetual motion." In one incident during 1872, Ellsworth was arrested after spending several days waiting to see Ulysses S. Grant at Washington, D.C., where he had hoped to "turn over to [the President] several valuable inventions, among them a perpetual motion, the use of which he claimed would pay the national debt right away."

Ellsworth was remanded by the courts at various times from the 1870s to the end of his life to the Iowa Lunatic Asylum (Mt. Pleasant, Iowa), the Government Hospital for the Insane (Washington, D.C.), and the Independence Asylum (Independence, Iowa).

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