J.B.L. (Joy Beauty Life) Cascade (enema kit)

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Instructional material pasted to the bottom of the kit box for Tyrell's J.B.L. Cascade.

The J.B.L. (Joy - Beauty - Life) Cascade is an enema kit, credited to Charles Alfred Tyrrell, that was formerly manufactured and sold by the New York-based Tyrrell's Hygienic Institute. It was described in the instructions as the "Only appliance specially made for 'flushing the colon.'"


Operating instructions for the J.B.L. Cascade, as follows:

Do Not Use Grease of Any Kind on the "Cascade," it Destroys the Rubber. Use Rectal Soap.


Do not fail to read "The Royal Road to Health" especially Part III, before using the Cascade.

1. Wash out the reservoir, with warm water, to remove any dust from the factory, and shut off the faucet. Then dissolve a level table-spoonful of the antiseptic tonic, in a little warm water, and pour it into the reservoir; and fill the reservoir with water, as hot as the hand can comfortably bear. Fill COMPLETELY, to exclude air.

2. Lay the "Cascade" down, with the handle of the faucet pointing forward, and screw in the large "injection point;" next, take the finger-shaped stick of PURE OLIVE OIL SOAP — furnished with "Cascade," dip it in warm water, insert it into the rectum, and withdraw it; then insert the "injection point" in the rectum — CAREFULLY, — using the handle of the faucet, to guide it. Don't hurry, but SIT EASILY AND FIRMLY ON THE RESERVOIR, with the handle of the faucet between the thumbs, and turn on the faucet, partially, for a few seconds, then turn on full, and you will readily receive the contents. As soon as you have received all the water you feel that you can receive; expel it at once, at the same time practising the movements described in part 3 of our book. There will always be about a sixth of the water left in the bag.

If you should experience any difficulty in retaining the water, add another tablespoonful of the tonic, and the difficulty will be removed. When the colon has been thoroughly cleaned, it will be found beneficial to use TEPID instead of HOT water, but practical experience must guide you. Tepid water may cause pain.

4. If the faucet handle is too loose, or too tight, regulate it by the little screw on the end of handle. To convert it into a hot water bag unscrew the faucet (turning it to the left), and screw on the small brass cap which will be found in the small cardboard box, with the "injection points." To convert it into a fountain syringe, do exactly the same, but when filled, screw in the tube instead of the original stopper. In replacing the faucet be sure the threads of the screws are evenly matched, before attempting to tight it.

☛ All goods must be sent direct to us for repairs.

Do not omit to use the Antiseptic Tonic. It is invaluable for sterilizing the water, and destroying the germs of disease.