Charles Alfred Tyrrell

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Charles Alfred Tyrrell
Chas Alfred Tyrrell - frontis - 1917.jpg
As pictured in "The Royal Road to Health"
Born 1846 [1]
Maidstone, Kent, England, United Kingdom [2]
Died 2 July 1918 (72) [3]
New York City, New York, USA
Nationality English
Alma mater Eclectic Medical College of New York
Field(s) Medicine
Known for Promoting enemas as a disease curative
Spouse(s) Emma May [Lynas] (m. 1890)

Charles Alfred Tyrrell (1846 - July 2, 1918) was an English eclectic physician and hygienic specialist, noted for popularizing the J.B.L. (Joy - Beauty - Life) Cascade enema kit through his company, Tyrrell's Hygienic Institute.


By the Professor's own accounts, as published in the "Who's Who in New York" (1904), he: "circumnavigated the earth three times, spent 12 years in Australia and New Zealand, three years in the South Sea Islands, two years in South Africa, and seven years in India, China, Japan and Philippine Islands. [He] was once shipwrecked on coast of Australia, and dangerously wounded in cutting out a nest of Chinese pirates on coast of Formosa, 1864. [The Professor] has eaten with nearly every specimen of human family, from Chinese Mandarin to the Australian aborigine, and has partaken of nearly every edible substance known."

The Internal Bath

Whereby colon cleansing, and particularly the J.B.L. Cascade, is promoted as a cure to all that may ail you.

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"The Ideal Sight Restorer"

A cure to poor vision from the cutting edge of ophthalmology, courtesy of Pr. Tyrrell's Ideal Company!

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In addition to his books published through the Institute, Dr. Tyrrell served as president of the Health Publishing Company, and as editor-in-chief of its main periodical, Health: a Home Magazine Dedicated to Physical Culture and Hygiene.


  1. Birth year estimation based on Iowa marriage certificate for April 2, 1890, listing Tyrrell's age as 43, and NYT obit. notice, showing death as July 2, 1918 at age 72; using simple math, we can calculate a birthdate between April 3, 1846 - July 1, 1846. However, it should be noted that information as to the year of his birth varies, including a 1900 U.S. Census listing of November 1848; whether this was deliberate is unclear.
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