International Association for Psychotronic Research (IAPR)

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International Association for Psychotronic Research

Formation 22 June 1973
Legal status Inactive
Headquarters Prague, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (CSSR)
President Zdeněk Rejdák

The International Association for Psychotronic Research (Czech: Mezinarodni Sdruzeni pro Psychotronicky Vyzkum) was a Prague-based organisation, founded by Zdeněk Rejdák in 1973 for the purpose of uniting researchers in the field of psychotronics, the "study of the mutual interactions of consciousness, energy and matter."

Selected Publications

International Congress on Psychotronic Research

No. Year Date(s) Host/City Country/State Title / Subject Notes
1st 1973 June 18-22 Prague Czechoslovakia Max Toth, chairman
2nd 1975 June 30 - July 4 Monte Carlo Monaco
3rd 1977 June 27 - July 2 Tokyo Japan
4th 1979 June 30 - July 7 São Paulo Brazil
5th 1983 June 5-10 Bratislava Czechoslovakia
6th 1986 Nov. 12-16 Zagreb Yugoslavia
7th 1988 Dec. 2-5 West Georgia College, Carrollton USA, Georgia Contributions of Psychotronics to the Future Development of Humanity
8th 1993 July 9-12 Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee USA, Wisconsin Psychotronics and the Spiritual Sphere: Ecology From the Other End