Inner-Clean (Mucusless Diet)

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Medical Claims "Progressively and Thoroughly Cleanses and Rejuvenates Relaxed, Flabby Intestines."
Vendors Inner Clean Manufacturing Company

Inner-Clean is a laxative preparation that was promoted in conjunction Arnold Ehret's Mucusless Diet, reported to have the "ability to remove from the intestines hardened feces, mucus and other age-old uneliminated, imperfectly digested, fatty substances."[1]


A 1930 F.D.A. chemical analysis of Inner-Clean "showed that it consisted essentially of senna leaves (approximately 50 per cent), cascara sagrada bark or the bark of a related species (approximately 30 per cent), anise seed (approximately 10 per cent), and sassafras bark (approximately 10 per cent),"[2] while an earlier A.M.A. analysis found it "to be essentially a mixture of chopped-up herbs, mainly senna, with some indigestible residue in the form of agar and a varying amount of sand."[1]


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