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Arnold Ehret
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"Yours for Ehretism"

Born 29 July 1866(1866-07-29)
Sankt Georgen (Freiburg im Breisgau), Grand Duchy of Baden, German Confederation
Died 10 October 1922 (56) [1]
Los Angeles, California
Known for Mucusless Diet

Arnold Ehret (July 29, 1866 - October 10, 1922) was a German-born naturopath and creator of what he called the Mucusless Diet (Schleimlose Diät), a method based on his belief that the consumption of mucus-forming foods is the cause of disease, both mental and physical, and that human maladies can be corrected by a diet of slime-free (schleimlose) foods, fasting, and use of his product Inner-Clean.


  • Credited by Hermann Moeser with having fasted for 49 days, taking only mineral water, while under observation.[2]

Selected Bibliography

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  • Ehret, Arnold (1915) (in German), Allgemeiner lehrbrief für Faster und Gesundesser, mit Anweisungen über Schleimlose Diät, Bellinzona: A.g. Buch- und Kunstdruckerei  — [English: "General Lessons for Fasters and Healthy Eaters, with Instructions on the Slime-Free (Mucusless) Diet"]
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  1. "WORLD'S CHAMPION FASTER IS DEAD", Los Angeles Evening Post-Record (Los Angeles, CA): 4, 10 Oct. 1922,, "Arnold Ehret, dietician, 55 years of age, dropped dead shortly after lecturing at the Angelus hospital on 'The Diagnosis of Your Disease.' The body was taken to the Boylston and Booth mortuary Wednesday. Ehret held the world's record for fasting, according to his partner, Fred Hirsch. He fasted 49 days under observation of the German government." 
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