Arnold Ehret

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Arnold Ehret
Born 29 July 1866(1866-07-29)
Sankt Georgen (Freiburg im Breisgau), Grand Duchy of Baden, German Confederation
Died 10 October 1922 (56)
Los Angeles, California
Known for Mucusless Diet

Arnold Ehret (July 29, 1866 - October 10, 1922) was a German-born naturopath and creator of what he called the Mucusless Diet (Schleimlose Diät), a method based on his belief that the consumption of mucus-forming foods is the cause of disease, both mental and physical, and that human maladies can be corrected by a diet of slime-free (schleimlose) foods, fasting, and use of his product Inner-Clean.


  • Credited by Hermann Moeser with having fasted for 49 days, taking only mineral water, while under observation.[1]

Selected Bibliography

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