Illinois Health University

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Illinois Health University
Universitas Salutis Illinoisensis
Formation 16 May 1895
Dissolution 3 April 1897
Successor Independent Medical College
Purpose/focus Mail-order medical degrees
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Key people James Armstrong, Albert E. Bradbury, Isabelle Alston

The Illinois Health University was a Chicago, Illinois-based scholastic enterprise (or diploma mill), organised by James Armstrong, Albert E. Bradbury, and Isabelle Alston and chartered in 16 May 1895, and in operations until April 1897 when their charter was revoked by the Supreme Court of Illinois. Armstrong, for his part, was far from dissuaded by the dissolution of the concern, and continued to make degree-by-mail offerings through his Independent Medical College.

Diploma Holders

  • J. B. L. Curtis
  • Emil Haberman
  • Ernestina Schwarz
  • Frederick Rutland [1]
  • Mrs. A. Neve Rutland [1]
  • Norbert von Ormay II [2]

Press Coverage


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