Hy-Brasil (phantom island)

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Hy-Brasil (or O'Brasil[e], Brazil[e], Brasyle, Bracile, etc.) is a phantom island of the Atlantic Ocean, reputedly situated to the west of Ireland, having been plotted and relocated repeatedly over the course of several hundred years of cartographic discovery.

Cartographic Locations

  • the 1325-39 map of Angelino Dulcert (of Genoa), showing the island of Brasil, as well as Saint Brendan's Island and Antilia;
  • the 1367 map of Pizzigano, showing the islands of Brasil, Antilia and Saint Brandan;
  • the 1375 map of Abraham Cresques, placing the island of Brasil to the south-west of Ireland;
  • the 1434 map of Vinland, placing the "island of Branzilæ" as just south of Antilia;
  • the 1436 map of Andrea Bianco, showing an island called "Isola de Bersil";
  • the 1562 map of Diego Gutiérrez, placing Brasil at the middle of the Atlantic Ocean;
  • the 1572 map of Abraham Ortelius, placing Brasil to the West of Ireland.