Henry Mansfield

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As pictured in the Spokane Press in 1908.

Henry Mansfield (born c. 1858)[1] was a professional clairvoyant, palmist, etc., active in the first decades of the twentieth century, working in the Pacific Northwest, first in Washington state, and ultimately in San Francisco, California.

Preliminary Background

In 1916, Mansfield sued lawyer Harry L. Stafford, accusing him of misappropriating $20,000 dollars; Stafford denied the charge, and held that Mansfield was a victim of "mental brainstorms,"[2] relating that Mansfield had been arrested in Modesto, California months earlier owing to a "demented" state.[3]

Classified Advertisements

  • "Mansfield - Wonderful Palmist", Spokane Press: 3, 10 July 1908,, "Greatest dead trance clairvoyant, spiritual life reader, oldest, most reliable spiritualist, business and test medium, deep psychopalmo reading of the highest order; strange power to help you. Tells just what you want to know, with names, dates, facts, location; each hope, trouble, fear, wish in love, marriage, business, sickness, change, journey, friend, enemy; investment; causes speedy marriage, unites those separated; advises and assists you to good conditions. Spiritual treatment for development and wealth. Cures lost memory, lack of ambition, all weaknesses, renews vitality, removes evil influences, makes you well and strong in thought, purpose, ideal." 
  • "A. — HENRY MANSFIELD.", San Francisco Call 107 (17), 17 Dec. 1909,, "Yoghi, Mediator of Mysterious Secret Influence, World's greatest trance clairvoyant, palmist, astrologer, mental telepathist. will cause things to be as you desire; tells everything, names, dates, important information; all revealed; health, love, marriage, bus., min., treasure, changes, law suits; imparts good luck; removes evil influences; deep psychic work in spiritual forces. 1302 FILLMORE ST. COR. EDDY. FOR READINGS BY MAIL, SEND $1" 
  • "A — HENRY MANSFIELD.", San Francisco Call 109 (22), 22 Dec. 1910,, "Occult Science, Greatest Aural Dead Trance Clairvoyant, Spirit Medium, Palmist, Astrologer. Psychic Healer; tells you everything; full names, dates, facts, important information, secrets; whom, when you marry, of business, journeys, changes, love, mining, values, ranches, rooming houses, good investments; when to buy or sell; where to locate; what best adapted for; advice on all matters; imparts mystic good luck; adjusts family troubles; wills, estates, inheritances; reunites those separated; restores waning affection; removes evil influences, weak vitality, habits of drink; positively succeeds when all others have failed. 1603 1/2 Fillmore st. corner Geary" 


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