H. F. Mumler

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H. F. Mumler
Mrs. Dr. H. F. Mumler, Mesmeric Physician - ill. portrait.jpg

As seen in the Cambridge Chronicle, 18 Nov. 1893

Born Hannah Frances Green
14 February 1832(1832-02-14) [1]
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts
Died 20 March 1912 (80)
Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Spouse(s) William H. Mumler (m. 1864)

Hannah Frances Green Mumler (February 14, 1832 - March 20, 1912) was an American mesmeric practitioner [2] who professed to use animal magnetism to heal her patients, and formulated a patent medicine known as Mesmerine, a "Great Clairvoyant Blood Remedy." It has been proposed by Felicity Hamer that H. F. Mumler and H. F. Stuart were one and the same, and so played a greater role in her husband William H. Mumler's spirit photography enterprise than is typically supposed, as both owner of the studio where his first spiritual photographs were taken and as a medium in her own right.



  2. "Animal Magnetism as a Curative Agent", Cambridge Chronicle 34 (27): 5, 28 June 1879,, "True mesmerism is an acknowledged fact by the most learned savans of the civilized world. It is an established fact that the most wonderful cures have been effected through mesmerism, when all other means have failed. Such being the case it only remains for the invalid to know who is a reliable Mesmeric Physician. MRS. H. F. MUMLER places herself before the public as such, and is indorsed by some of the first families of Boston, and its vicinity, who have been restored to perfect health by her treatment, and through whose solicitation only, that others may be benefited, has she consented to have her name appear in a medical advertisement. Mrs. H. F. Mumler, No. 767 Tremont St., Boston."