Gravitonic Life Ray Table

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Gravitonic Life Ray Table
a.k.a. Gravitonic Life Ray Machine
Medical Claims Transmits healing radiation that "destroys disease germs, reduces poisons and stimulates the muscles that absorb the poisons and draws them to the surface," etc.[1]
Vendors Gravitonic Life Ray Estate (Frederick W. Reed)

The Gravitonic Life Ray Table is a diagnostic and therapeutic device, invented by Fred W. Reed and manufactured by his Gravitonic Life Ray Estate during the 1930s. According to Reed, the device harnessed, as the name suggests, what he called gravitonic life rays, a theretofore unknown form of vital energy derived from "the forces of gravity, the tonic of the air, and the vibrational impulses in the ether surrounding the earth."[1] Sale of the device was halted by order of the Federal Trade Commission in December 1939, and Reed's corporation dissolved in September 1941.

As late as the 1960s, Emerson B. Hartman was offering treatments using the machine at his De Sienna Treatment Rooms in San Bernardino, California.

Selected Publications

  • Strong, Frederick Finch (1933), Gravitronic Life Ray Discovery of Frederick Williams Reed, Fred W. Reed 
  • Reed, Frederick Williams (1934), Gravitonic Life Ray: What Is It? 
  • Gravitonic Liferay News (Gravitonic Liferay Estate, Inc.), 1938 



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