Gladys LeGrand Baker

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Gladys LeGrand Baker
Alias(es) Claudas
Born Gladys Estelle Pierson
8 May 1897(1897-05-08)
Hiram, Portage Co., Ohio
Died 22 October 1989 (92)
Contra Costa Co., California
Affiliations Circle of Three; Borderland Sciences (BSRA)

Gladys "Peggy" LeGrand Baker (May 8, 1897 - October 22, 1989) was an American trance medium who claimed to be the channel of Astaron and Alsirian. LeGrand Baker related that the contacts with Astaron began in 1958, who warned that Mars sought to keep the "war-minded and cruel" Earthians from entering space (in collaboration with Venusians, Mercurians, &c.), and that the Martians maintained a stronghold on Earth's moon.

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Channeled messages from Astaron also appear in several issues of the BSRF newsletter Journal of Borderland Research.