George Woodward Warder

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George Woodward Warder
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As seen in "The Stairway to the Stars, Or, Enola Reverof" (1903)

Born 20 May 1848(1848-05-20)
Richmond, Missouri
Died 8 February 1907 (58)
Kansas City, Missouri [1][2]
Nationality American
Known for Electrical Universe cosmology

George Woodward Warder (May 20, 1848 - February 8, 1907) was an American lawyer and real estate magnate who wrote extensively on his personal cosmology of an electric universe, which included speculation that "the sun is a vast generator of electric currents which cause heat in the atmosphere of the planets only where it is needed,"[3] that electro-magnetic, atomic, and spiritual force are the only forces in the universe (abandoning gravitation entirely), and that the sun is habitable and likely to be Heaven itself, as described in the Book of Revelation.

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