George Psalmanazar

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George Psalmanazar
Alias(es) George Psalmaanaazar
Born Birth name unknown
Birth date unknown; given as 1679
Birth place unknown; possibly the Kingdom of France or Swiss Confederacy
Died 3 May 1763
Ironmonger Row, St. Luke's, London, England, Great Britain
Known for Claims to being a native of Formosa (modern Taiwan)

George Psalmanazar [Psalmanaazaar] (c. 1679 - May 3, 1763) was an apparently French-born writer who engaged in the pretense of being a native of Formosa, becoming a celebrity in England for a brief time before being ultimately compelled to admit his fraud, thereafter withdrawing from public life to become an editor, essayist, pamphleteer, and writer-for-hire on London's Grub Street.

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