Felix J. Frazer

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Felix J. Frazer
Born Felix Julian Frazer
9 December 1891(1891-12-09) [1]
Manhattan, New York
Died 2 June 1968 (76)
Los Angeles, California
Affiliations Continental Committee on Technocracy; Builders of the Adytum

Felix Julian Frazer (December 9, 1891 - June 2, 1968) was an American electrical engineer and research consultant who was associated with the Technocracy movement in the 1930s. As an investigator and consultant for the Works Progress Administration and Rural Electrification Administration, Frazer was assigned to observe and assist several fringe energy projects, including the work of T. Henry Moray (who later accused him of smashing a prototype radiant energy device), James D. Burke (a.k.a. Floyd B. Merrill, among other names), and Cyrus W. Ostrom.

Selected Publications