Excelsior Medical College (Boston, Massachusetts)

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Excelsior Medical College
Dissolution c. 1883
Purpose/focus Mail-order medical degrees
Headquarters Lowell, Massachusetts
Key people Alfred Booth

Excelsior Medical College was a Massachusetts-based scholastic enterprise (diploma mill), incorporated by Alfred Booth, who was earlier involved with the Bellevue Medical College of Massachusetts. The college was in operations, legally, until 30 June 1883 when the Massachusetts legislature passed laws forbidding the conferring of medical degrees by corporations unless authorised by the state. Despite this, diplomas continued to circulate, even a decade later, as Booth was convicted in 1893 by the state of New York for illegally peddling the Excelsior diplomas from his small New York City apartment.

Press Coverage

Foundation (1882)

  • "EXCELSIOR MEDICAL COLLEGE, Lowell — Charted as a school of advanced ideas. Further information of Dr. BOOTH, President. 45* d16", Boston Globe (Boston, MA): 4, 20 Dec. 1882 

Booth in Lowell, Mass. (1885)

  • "EXCELSIOR MEDICAL COLLEGE teaches all essentials in short time; allopathic or homœopathic; 40 years' observation in both modes condensed. Dr. BOOTH, Lowell. eod4t* n11", Boston Globe (Boston, MA): 6, 17 Nov. 1885 

Booth in Springfield, Mass. (1890)

  • "EXCELSIOR MEDICAL COLLEGE — Highers grade instruction. Address Dr. BOOTH, Springfield, Mass.", The Sun (New York City, NY): 10, 15 Dec. 1890 

Booth in New York City, N.Y. (1892-1893)