Edward Leedskalnin

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Edward Leedskalnin
Born Edvards Liedskalniņš
12 January 1887(1887-01-12)
Stāmeriena Parish, Livonia, Russian Empire
Died 7 December 1951 (64)
Miami, Florida
Burial Miami Memorial Park Cemetery
Nationality Russian; American (nat. 1944)

Edward Leedskalnin (January 12, 1887 - December 7, 1951) was a Russian-émigré of Latvian descent who designed and self-constructed Rock Gate Park, today called Coral Castle, a walled park containing sculptures built entirely from 1,100 short tons (997,903 kg.) of self-quarried oolite limestone, first located on an acreage plot near Florida City and later transported to a larger plot near Homestead, Florida.

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