E. W. Lymburner

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E. W. Lymburner
Born c. March 1866
Dunnville, Province of Canada, B.N.A.
Died 24 March 1939 (73)[1]

Eli Wilbert "Webb" Lymburner (c. 1866 - March 24, 1939) was a Canadian-born barber and farm labourer resident at Fullerton, Orange Co., California who was reported in the 1920s to have claimed the invention of an "automatic gravity wheel," described as able to "create more power than the machine requires to operate" (i.e. free energy).


Lymburner emigrated from Canada in the 1890s to California, spending some of his time as a boxer and later a wrestler, seemingly without much success in the ring, and he briefly operated a social club that ran afoul of county temperance ordinances, this being shuttered by 1901.

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