Dr. Yen Sin (1936 magazine)

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Dr. Yen Sin
Writer(s) Donald Keyhoe, Arden X. Pangborn, Don Cameron, Moran Tudury, Alden H. Norton, Frank Gruber
Illustrator(s) Jerome Rozen (cover art); Ralph Carlson (interior)
Frequency Bi-monthly
Circulation 1000+[1]
Publisher Popular Publications
First issue May & June 1936
Final issue September & October 1936
Preceded by The Mysterious Wu Fang
Country United States
Language English

Dr. Yen Sin is a three-issue fiction anthology magazine that was originally published from May through October 1936 by Popular Publications, featuring lead stories by Donald E. Keyhoe about the plots of the titular doctor, a Fu Manchu-type character and mastermind of the "Invisible Empire", and his adversary Michael Traile, "the Man Who Never Slept" (or "Man Who Never Sleeps"), a spy who suffered chronic insomnolence from childhood after an operation to repair a skull fracture caused irreparable brain damage. The magazine was a follow-up to the earlier title The Mysterious Wu Fang by the same publisher that had ended in February 1936.


#1, May & June 1936

  • Note to Our Readers - An Introduction
  • Keyhoe, Donald E., The Mystery of the Dragon's Shadow
  • Gruber, Frank, Slant-Eyed Satan
  • Oboler, Archie, The Night of Ka-Sam
  • Pangborn, Arden X., The Ring of the Red Rooster

#2, July & Aug. 1936

  • Feng Tai Sui Feng
  • Keyhoe, Donald E., The Mystery of the Golden Skull
  • Tudury, Moran, The Third Yen
  • Cameron, Don, Chinatown Scoop
  • Pangborn, Arden X., Death of a Thousand Cuts

#3, Sept. & Oct. 1936

  • Fei Lu Fei Ma
  • Keyhoe, Donald E., The Mystery of the Singing Mummies
  • Norton, Alden, The Seventh Sleeping Brother
  • Gruber, Frank, The Choking Chalice

#4, Unpublished

A fourth issue was solicited, promising a new Keyhoe story, The Case of the Faceless Men, but this was never published, as the magazine ceased publication after the third issue.



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