Dorne & Margolin Inc.

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Dorne & Margolin Inc.
Abbreviation D&M
Headquarters Bohemia, New York
Founders Arthur Dorne, Joseph Margolin
Key people Robert G. Malech
Parent org. UCC/Metex Mfg. Corp. (from 1980s); AIL Systems Inc. (from 1998)

Dorne & Margolin Inc. was an American communications antennae research, development, and manufacturing company, particularly focused on airborne communication and navigation antenna systems for military and commercial use. The business was originally founded in 1947 by Arthur Dorne and Joseph Margolin, formerly of the Antenna Design Section of Airborne Instruments Laboratory, as a consulting firm, expanding to include research and manufacturing facilities in Bohemia, Suffolk Co., New York. The company was acquired in the 1980s by the United Capital Corporation and managed through its subsidiary Metex Manufacturing Corp. until 1998 when Dorne & Margolin was sold to AIL Systems Inc. and merged into AIL's Antenna Products & Technologies Division (followed, two years later, by AIL Systems merger with EDO Corporation).


Corporate Patents

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