Dolores Barrios

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Dolores Barrios was a saucerian who has been asserted by some believers to have been Venusian, being notable as having been photographed at George Van Tassel's Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention at Giant Rock, near Landers, San Bernardino Co., California on 4 April 1954, and later at a George Adamski hosted event at Palomar Mountain, San Diego Co., California on 7-8 August 1954. Barrios was first identified in a 5 April 1954 Los Angeles Daily News article by Don Dwiggins, in which she was reported to be a 24-year-old resident of Venice in Los Angeles, California; and the Dwiggins' story was followed seven months later by a 16 October 1954 O Cruzeiro magazine article by João Martins, featuring new photographs of Barrios as well as her two friends, Donald Morand and Bill Jackmart, alongside a short interview and Martins' description of his encounter with the trio at the Adamski event.

Press Coverage

  • Dwiggins, Don (5 Apr. 1954), "Mystery in the sky! Saucer meet baffled", Daily News (Los Angeles, CA): 3, 33,, "Then the word got out that somewhere around Giant Rock was 'a real girl from Venus' and everybody left to go find her. When they did, it turned out to be Miss Dolores Barrios, 24, of Venice, not Venus. But pretty, though." 
  • Martins, João (16 Oct. 1954), "Na esteira dos 'Discos Voadores' – Parte 3. Reunião de 'Discos' em Palomar", O Cruzeiro (Rio de Janeiro: Ed. O Cruzeiro): 46-54