Did God Destroy the Dinosaurs? (1992 book)

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Did God Destroy the Dinosaurs?
Author Damien Royce, Jason Zolot (Roman and John Semeniuk)
Pub. date 1992-03-03
Language English
Subject Satanic Origin of the Saurians
USCO Reg. TX0003319630

Did God Destroy the Dinosaurs? is a Christian creationist book, originally published in 1992 by Roman and John Semeniuk under the pseudonyms of Damien Royce and Jason Zolot, that presents the novel view that the dinosaurs and other early forms of life on the planet were the creations of Satan, and these diabolic lifeforms were, according to the authors, largely destroyed when the Devil was cast out of Heaven, an event interpreted in conventional scientific understanding as being the asteroidal or cometary impact responsible for the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event.

Of interest, the Semeniuk's also wrote on Ukrainian and Eastern European history (and Russian usurpation of it) under their legal names, and collaborated on a 1978 UFO Guidebook under the pseudonyms Norman J. Briazack and Simon Mennick.