David Troncoso

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David Troncoso
Born 21 March 1922(1922-03-21)
Lagos de Morelos, Jalisco, Mexico
Died 1 September 2006 (84)
Los Angeles, California
Nationality Mexican; American (nat. 1965)
Alma mater Los Angeles State College (Psychology); College of Metaphysics, Indiana (D.D.)

David Genaro Santoyo Troncoso (March 21, 1922 - September 1, 2006) was a Mexican-born American author and self-described healer, psychologist, mentalist, doctor of divinity and metaphysics, &c., best known for his 1976 book Mystic Vibrasonics: The Technique and How to Use It for a Wondrous New Life.

Selected Bibliography

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    Contents. 1. Discovering and Awakening Your Powerful Vibrasonic Tuner; 2. The Secret Mystery of the Power of Vibration; 3. Vibrasonic Money Chants for Building Big Money Flow; 4. Activating the Magic Vibrasonic Keys to Regain and Maintain Perfect Health; 5. Exploiting the Vibrasonic Leverage Chant Technique to Obtain What You Desire — Effortlessly; 6. Using Psychic Vibrasonic Equalizer Techniques to Dissolve All Obstacles and Repel Evil Forces; 7. Synchronizing Vibrations — Golden Key to Unheard of Wealth and Power; 8. X-Ray Vision through Powerful Macrocosmic Vibrasonics; 9. Vibrasonic Interplanetary Projection; 10. Vibrasonics — The Elixir of Life: The Master-Key Plan.

  • Troncoso, David (1977), D.I. -- Drill Instructing Your Inner-Ego Force to Achieve Health, Wealth, Power, Happiness 

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