D. W. Medcalf

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D. W. Medcalf
Born 10 February 1870(1870-02-10)
Died 8 October 1948 (78)
Camp Chesterfield, Indiana
Nationality American
Spouse(s) Clara K. Medcalf

David Walter Medcalf (February 10, 1870 - October 8, 1948) was an American Spiritualist medium, astrologer, numerologist, chiropractic, and drugless physician who was fined in Indiana and Kentucky for practicing medicine without a license. Medcalf was also noted to have received a degree from L. W. de Laurence.

Selected Bibliography

  • Medcalf, D. W., How to Eat and Live: Diet Instructions Prepared According to the Planets and the Date of Your Birth, Chesterfield, Indiana: Dr. D. W. Medcalf Mineral and Medicine Co. 

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