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D. D. Palmer
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As pictured in "The Chiropractor"

Alias(es) D.D.; Old Dad
Born 7 March 1845(1845-03-07)
Pickering, Canada West, Province of Canada
Died 20 October 1913 (68)
Los Angeles, California
Known for Chiropractic
Spouse(s) Abba Lord (m. 1871)

Daniel David Palmer (March 7, 1845 - October 20, 1913) was a Canadian-born magnetic healer and the founder of Chiropractic, a school teaching that spinal adjustment, correcting subluxated vertebra, can cure physical ailments.


In his 1910 book The Chiropractor's Adjuster, Palmer stated that he received information on chiropractic from a Dr. Jim Atkinson, the spirit of a then fifty-years deceased physician. This has been argued by modern chiropractics to have been an intentionally fraudulent claim intended to bolster the religious credentials of chiropractic to evade any potential crackdown by medical authorities, following the model of Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science.[1]

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  1. OsceButters (31 Aug. 2022), It's enough with the "spirits told D.D. Palmer about chiropractic during a seance" nonsense,,, "In his 1910 book, he wrote of a physician named Jim Atkinson who he said he received all the information about chiropractic from, somewhat nebulously implying Atkinson was dead when he passed this info along. This is quite clearly a ruse on D.D.'s part, and chiropractic researchers have spent a lot of time trying to identify this person. He simply didn't exist and most chiropractic history scholars agree he was made up by D.D. to implant in his book to later use as the basis for constitutional exemption under the freedom of religion act."