Creotina Chemical Co.

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Creotina Chemical Co.
Formation 1918
Purpose/focus Manufacture of patent medicines
Headquarters St. Louis, Mo.;
Belleville, Ill.
Key people Franklin R. Jackes;
J. Edward Yoch

Creotina Chemical Co. was an American manufacturer of patent medicines, incorporated at St. Louis, Missouri in 1918 by Franklin R. Jackes, being sold to J. Edward Yoch and relocated to Belleville, Illinois in the late 1920s (situated in the same space as Yoch's Germ-Elim Co.), where it remained until ceasing operations in the 1940s.

Creotina Remedies

  • Creotina, a preparation of creosote oil;
  • Germ-Elim, the "Germ Eliminator," sold as an antiseptic;
  • Sanadon, sold as a mouthwash antiseptic.


Creotina made use of unique advertising tokens. One such token, double-sided, featured: on one side, the text "DEATH * JUDGMENT * HEAVEN * HELL" encircling a cross with the text "REMEMBER" in the horizontal and "SIN NOT" in the vertical, embellished with symbols of an hour glass, scales, a devil, and an angel; and on the inverse, the text "WORTH MORE THAN GOLD - SO ARE - CREOTINA - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - REMEDIES - BELLEVILLE, ILL."