Columba Krebs

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Columba Krebs
Born Annabell Krebs Culverwell
13 July 1902(1902-07-13)
Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania
Died 9 April 1998 (95) [1]
Mansfield, Wright Co., Missouri
Burial Lone Star Cemetery, Mountain Grove, Missouri
Affiliations Borderland Sciences (BSRA)

Annabell Krebs Culverwell (July 13, 1902 - April 9, 1998), also known as Columba Krebs, was an American visionary author and painter.

Selected Bibliography

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    I. The Floating Island
    II. Out of This World
    III. Planetary Histories
    IV. Lunar Colonies
    V. Interplanetary Confederation Conference
    VI. The Race to Space
    VII. The Coming Catastrophe
    VIII. The Axis Shift
    IX. Rebuilding the Earth
    X. New Age Wonders
    XI. Advanced Education
    XII. The Plot Thickens
    XIII. Phony Prophetic Debacle
    XIV. Planetary Development
    XV. Planetary Explorations
    XVI. Planetary Journey

  • Krebs, Columba (1961), Visiting Spacemen?, Williams, Ariz.: Symbolart