Charles L. Tweedale

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Charles L. Tweedale
Charles L. Tweedale - portrait.png
As seen in "Man's Survival After Death" (4th ed.)
Born Charles Lakeman Tweedale
Halifax, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Died 29 June 1944 (78)
Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England, U.K.
Nationality British
Religion Anglican (Church of England)
Workplace(s) Weston Vicarage, Otley, Yorkshire
Affiliations Society of Communion
Spouse(s) Margaret Eleanor [Clarke] (m. 1899)

Charles Lakeman Tweedale (1866 - 1944) was a English Anglican priest and Spiritualist, executive member of the Society of Communion, as well as a writer and luthier (notable for using a varnish recipe he alleged was received from the spirit of Antonio Stradivari).[1]

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  1. Maker: Charles L. Tweedale,,, "Parish priest who claimed to have received the recipe for Stradivari’s varnish from the spirit world. His ‘revelations’ were published in News from the next world (Spiritualist Press, London, 1940). Prolific maker following classical Italian models. Inconsistent work."