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Certain Remedies in Classical Medicine

Remedy Trans. Usage Recipe
Sanguis hirci Buck's blood, blood of deer Sudorific (sweat inducing), antipleuritic (reducing inflammation of lung pleura)
Canis alba White excrement of dog Relief for epilepsy
Syrup limacum Syrup of snails Relief for "lung and bronchial afflictions"; and "improvement of weaknesses and consumptions, especially in children and tender constitutions." (Consumption, phthisis; pulmonary tuberculosis) A preparation made from snail mucus dissolved in sugar.
Oleum lumbricorum Oil of earth worm Relief for "lumbago (lower back pain) and rheumatism (pain in joints, connective tissue)." A preparation from earth worms boiled in oil.
Syrupus de viperis roborans Strengthening syrup of vipers - A "concentrated decoction of 12 vipers fresh-killed (minus the heads and tails)" that were "carefully compounded with best white wine, orange-flower water, cinnamon and other spices, and then made into a syrup with sugar."[1]
Sal volatile Viperarum Volatile salt of vipers Relief for "apoplexies, lethargies, convulsions, palsies, and other maladies believed to have their source in the brain."
Syrupus de testudinibus resumptivus Restorative syrup of turtles - A preparation of turtle-flesh and "some twenty ingredients," including "dates, raisins, liquorice-root, etc."[2]
Manus hominis mortui Dead man's hand "[G]reat efficacy in dispersing scrofulous tumors." (Scrofula, scrophula, struma, the King's evil; lymphadenopathy of the neck, mycobacterial cervical lymphadenitis) A mummified human hand.
Mumia vera True mummy - A powder of either bitumen (asphalt) or mummified human remains, depending on your supplier.
Pulvis ad guttetam Powder against convulsions Relief for epilepsy A powder of various herbs and, sometimes, ground human skull.
Usnea cranii humani Human skull moss - A moss or lichen found growing on human skulls.
Spirit of cranium-humanum - Relief for epilepsy, gout, dropsy, etc. A distillate of human skull.
Essence of Mans-brains - Relief for epilepsy A distillate of human brain matter in alcohol.


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