Brotherhood of the New Life

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Brotherhood of the New Life
Headquarters Amenia, NY; Brocton, NY; Santa Rosa, CA
Founder Thomas Lake Harris
- Nagasawa Kanaye

The Brotherhood of the New Life was an American religious group, founded by Thomas Lake Harris (and later led by Nagasawa Kanaye), dedicated to "giv[ing] the ground and evidences of Universal Religion,"[1] or, more particularly, to the teachings and practises of Harris's peculiar strain of Swedenborgianism.



  1. Gould, S. C., ed. (November 1896), Brotherhood of the New Life, "Masonic and Arcane Societies in the U.S.", Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 14 (11): 276,;view=1up;seq=290, retrieved 2016-10-15, ""He breathed on them, and said, 'Receive ye the Holy Ghost.'" This Brotherhood has published some literature; the leading work is "The Breath of God and Man." It aims to give the ground and evidences of Universal Religion. The Brotherhood declare that One is near, who speaks, "I am the bread of life. If any man partake of My substance, he shall live forever." "We have sought and found. We do know that there is a world of plenary life, beyond the realm of corporeal elements." "Seek and ye shall find." "I am the door." The Brotherhood emonates from California."