Barber Scientific Foundation

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Barber Scientific Foundation
Purpose/focus Promote awareness of coming axial shift and attendant catastrophes
Headquarters Washington, D.C.
Key people Adam D. Barber

Barber Scientific Foundation was an American organisation, founded by Adam D. Barber at Washington, D.C., that existed to promote Barber's hypothesis that a global axial shift would cause a global flood and other disasters, as detailed in his book, "The Coming Disaster Worse than the H-Bomb, Astronomically, Geologically, and Scientifically Proven" (1954), and to make preparations for survival of such catastrophe.

Selected Publications

  • Barber, Adam D. (1954), The Coming Disaster Worse than the H-Bomb, Astronomically, Geologically, and Scientifically Proven, Washington, D.C.: Barber Scientific Foundation 
  • Barber, Adam D. (1957), A Scientific Analysis of Flying Saucers 


The Coming Disaster (1956)

  • Prepare and LIVE THROUGH OR DIE in the GREAT FLOOD Coming Soon, Which Will be Caused by a SHIFT OF THE AXIS OF THE EARTH as a a result of the GYROSCOPIC ACTION of our Solar System

    A similar shift, thousands of years ago, caused the ice ages and the oceans to rush over the land at terrific speed, tearing mountains away and covering tropical forests (which are now our coal beds) with hundreds of feet of earth.

    READ and HEED the amazing booklet "The Coming Disaster Worse than the H. Bomb" (29 pages) telling what the flood will be like, about when it will come, the warning to be had, and containing the astronomic, mathematical and geological proofs, written plainly.

    This book is concisely written and the description of the proofs and facts cannot be abbreviated. Shortened items in newspapers have merely led to confusion and misunderstanding. Therefore we do not permit news items to be published and for that reason you may not have seen any publicity in regard to it. It is worth a hundred times the price asked if you consider your life and we were to take into consideration the 20 years of diligent and heart breaking experimenting and calculating which led to the discovery that this great flood would come soon.

    Our purpose is to persuade Congress to take action and build boats, moored at every street corner to save civilization. Many government officials have refused to take action, fearing it would cause a panic. We do not think the panic will come, but a panic in any case is better than total destruction. To convince them that the public is aroused, we want to take a wagon load of orders for the book to them.

    The discoverer and author takes an oath: "I freely take an oath that God strike me dead this very moment if there is any substantial error in this scientific discovery, or in the proofs offered — Adam D. Barber."

    We are about to engage in some expensive experiments with a view to possibly preventing the flood by deflecting the axis of the earth with atomic jets, and we very much need the small profit on the book.

    The proofs in the took are undisputable and all those who have called on us for mechanical demonstration leave fully convinced that the flood will come as we state.

    Eclipses are foretold with accuracy many years in advance. The calculations about the flood are along similar lines, only a great deal more complicated.

    Send in your order at once. If the public continues to respond, as it has from previous advertisements, the success of the program will be assured. We know you will.

    This flood should be prepared for as QUICKLY as POSSIBLE.

    The great danger is FLOOD, not WAR.