Atlantis, Isle of Gold

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Not to be confused with Werner Stiefel's similar Atlantis project that planned to seastead in the Caribbean Sea.

Atlantis or the Isle of Gold was a planned island state that William T. Anderson, owner of the Atlantis Development Corp. Ltd., a Bahamian corporation, proposed beginning in the early 1960s to raise by dredging and building up the Triumph and Long Reefs off the Florida coast, a territory he claimed as his own in newspaper classifieds published in November 1962.[D] The plans were contested in the courts by the United States government, which claimed the reefs as U.S. territory, as well as Louis M. Ray, president of Acme General Contractors, which had a similar plan for the same reefs; ultimately, the courts settled the case in favor of the government.

Declaration (1962)

  • "Classified Notice", Orlando Evening Star (Orlando, FL): 7, 23 Nov. 1962, 

    CLAIM OF WILLIAM T. ANDERSON "ATLANTIS ISLE OF GOLD" located in International Waters and not now claimed by any Nation.

    Posit:NW corner80-07-45 W Long
    25-27-15 N Lat
    NE corner80-07-00 W Long
    25-27-06 N Lat
    SE corner80-08-10 W Long
    25-22-20 N Lat
    SW corner80-09-00 W Long
    25-22-33 N Lat

    and all lands within the boundarys thereof.

    Cosat and Geodetic Survey Chart No. 1249 will show land above referred to.

    Claimant is: WILLIAM T. ANDERSON, or Heirs.

    Address: 4249 SW 2nd Street,
    Miami 55, Florida,
    United States of America.

    To hold and own and develop into a Sovereign State subject to the jurisdiction of no State or Nation, and to provide for the government thereof in accordance with the democratic principles and International Law.

    Nov. 23, 30; Dec 7, 14, 1962.

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