Arthur Posnansky

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Arthur Posnansky
Arthur Posnansky - photo portrait - Bolivians of To-day (1922).jpg

Arturo Posnansky in Bolivians of To-day (1922)

Born 1 January 1873(1873-01-01)
Vienna, Austro-Hungarian Empire
Died 13 April 1946 (73)
La Paz, Bolivia

Arthur "Arturo" Posnansky (January 1, 1873 - April 13, 1946) was an Austrian-born Bolivian sailor, entrepreneur, and jack-of-all trades. A staunch supporter of his adopted homeland, Posnansky was given the rank of Capitán in the Fuerzas Armadas de Bolivia and awarded Héroe y Benemérito de la Guerra del Acre for his activities during the Acre War (1899-1903), a border conflict with the First Brazilian Republic over the Acre Region. Posnansky is perhaps best known internationally for his undertaking of studies of the ruins at Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) and his role in the expansion of Bolivian geographical and archaeological societies.

Selected Bibliography

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