Arthur Paul Pedrick

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Arthur Paul Pedrick
Born 3 September 1918(1918-09-03)
Southsea, Hampshire, England, U.K.
Died 15 August 1976 (57)
Sussex, England, U.K.
Affiliations One-Man-Think-Tank Basic Physics Research Laboratories (77 Hillfield Road, Selsey, Sussex)

Arthur Paul Pedrick (September 3, 1918 - August 15, 1976) was British patent examiner, who, following his retirement, sought 162 patents for unusual inventions from the United Kingdom Patent Office, including such things as a Photon Push-Pull Radiation Detector For Use in Chromatically Selective Cat Flap Control and 1000 Megaton Earth-Orbital Peace-Keeping Bomb (GB1426698, 1976) and a Laser Ray Beam Gun, or Concentrator, For Use In Polar Regions, Accelerating Crop Growth, and Promoting Nuclear Fusion Reactions (GB1119948, 1967).