Anna Billion

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Anna Billion is an American psychic who devised what she referred to as Zarronics, which she described as a "psychic science" utilising "emotive images and symbols" to produce effects in the external world, including in particular the healing of physical maladies and disease.

Selected Bibliography

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    "Now — the amazing new science of ZARRONICS bring you the excellent health... the extended life-span... and the happy, vibrant life you've always wanted!"

    Table of Contents. 1. How to Help Yourself to Instant Vibrant Health; 2. The Z+ Arrow Head Technique; 3. The Metabolic Transformation System for Removing Metal Rings From the Body; 4. The Dyna-Matic Technique for Removing Symptoms of Arthritis and Bursitis; 5. The Selecto-Matic System for Stomach Harmony; 6. The Fail-Safe Monitor for Your Nerves; 7. The Psychic Blood-Elixir Purifier; 8. The Permi-Systematic Lung Rejuvenator Method; 9. The Medi-Presto Healthy Heart Rejuvenator System; 10. The Viba-Designator Hose for Vacuuming the Body Clean; 11. The Counter-Procto Technique for the Liver; 12. The Sonic Synchronizer Kidney Method; 13. The Mystic Artery Reticular System; 14. The Strato-Adapter Technique for the Breast Area; 15. The Spinal Power Modulator System; 16. The X-Factor Method for Removing an Unknown Sickness from the Body; 17. The Magic Meteorol Technique for the Eye; 18. The Meta-Impulse System for Organic Toothache; 19. The Pericardial Protect-All Method for Prevention of Strokes; 20. The Demonic Repulserator Technique for Sever Muscle Spasms; 21. The Stragospheric Compensator System for Vacuuming Liquids

    "How to release the Z-TRON healing power that lies sleeping in the body's cells — and clear up virtually any illness or ailment in a flash — as if by magic !"

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    Table of Contents. 1. Kundalini Mental Transition: Become an Instant Winner at Life; 2. Kundalini $10,000 King Midas Command Ritual: A Flood of Riches at Your Beck and Call; 3. Kundalini Million Dollar Ali-Baba Blessing Incantation for Materializing Any Desire; 4. The Kundalini Oracle Vision Translator: How to See Your Way to Miracles; 5. Kundalini Cosmic Mind Protecto Ray: Psychic Dynamo Visualization Process for Protection from Evil; 6. Kundalini Vigilante Protection from All Forms of Evil; 7. Kundalini Celestial Sphere Element Control for Mastering the Forces of Nature; 8. Banashing Arguments and Tempers with the Kundalini Argument Short Circuiter; 9. The Kundalini Medi-Protecto Sack for Perfect Emotional Health; 10. Kundalini Articulator Inflammation Remover; 11. Kundalini Perfecto Hair-Scalp Treatment; 12. The Kundalini Deep Sleep Health Restorer; 13. Amazing Psychic Readings Through the Kundalini Mental Eye Magic Mirror

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