Ancient Order of Adhesive Mogullians

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Ancient Order of Adhesive Mogullians
Formation ~1900s
Type Burlesque Degree
Purpose/focus Ancient Order of United Workmen entertainment

The Ancient Order of Adhesive Mogullians was a side degree of the Ancient Order of United Workmen,[1] designed to provide entertainment and to perform in public events. Each local group was called a Conclave or Bungle, and its structure mimicked that of the A.O.U.W., the presiding leader being the Master Mogul, with his officers, the Past Master Mogul, Senior Mogul, Junior Mogul, Quill Driver, Cash Grabber, Worthy Supe, Inside Snoozer, and Outside Snoozer.


  1. "NOTES on Wheeling, W. Va. Lodge No. 110", Railroad Trainmen's Journal 24 (7): 654, July 1907,;view=1up;seq=102, retrieved 2016-06-17, "It is the most laughable side degree I ever saw, and is known as the Ancient Order Adhesive Mogullians. The ritual has about forty-five pages of good clean sport and one application of it is a sure cure for the "blues." There may be some on whom this degree would have no effect, but they must certainly be "dead." Any information concerning this degree with be furnished by George St. Meyers, Financier Lodge No. 110."