Alien Resistance Movement (ARM International)

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Alien Resistance Movement
Formation August 1996
Dissolution Unknown; apparently inactive as of the mid-2000s
Headquarters Stängnäs, Södermanland, Sweden

The Alien Resistance Movement (ARM) was a Swedish-based internet group, reportedly formed in August 1996 at Stängnäs (Södermanland), that was dedicated to, in their own words, "kick[ing] evil alien ass" and "extermination of the alien menace," toward which end they organised and recruited online, using Geocities and Yahoo Message Groups to communicate their message. The group was almost certainly entirely parodic in nature, their web presence being managed by Peter Wallström, who also ran a website called the World Domination Force, through which he declared himself Emperor of the world.

Thor Templar of the US-based Earth Protectorate and Alien Resistance Movement (ARM) claimed that this group was a fraud perpetuated by the CIA and MI5 to discredit his own organisation.[1]

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  1. ThorTemplar (2011-06-15), "reply to post by David_Reale", Alien Resistance Movement?,,, "As usual you are wrong. These are FALSE GROUPS created by the CIA, MI5 to discredit the original Arm organization. There is ONLY ONE REAL ARM organization started by me. ARM so frightened the New World Order they had to create false groups to discredit the original organization. The yahoo group was another fraud that was taken down by my Lawyers demand. Do you think a serious effective group would not be harassed? You need to wake up...... You are all sheep being lead to the slaughter...."