Alexander N. Aksakof

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Alexandr Nikolayevich Aksakov
Алекса́ндр Никола́евич Акса́ков
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Born 27 May 1832(1832-05-27)
Repyovka, Gorodishche Uyezd, Penza Governorate, Russian Empire
Died 4 January 1903 (70)
Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire
Burial Donskoi Monastery Cemetery, Moscow
Alma mater Императорский Царскосельский лицей (Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, 1851)
Spouse(s) Sophia Alexandrovna [Shishkov] Aksakov

Alexandr Nikolayevich Aksakov (Russian Cyrillic: Алекса́ндр Никола́евич Акса́ков; May 27, 1832 - January 4, 1903), also known as Alexander Aksakof or Alexandre Aksakof, was a Russian civil servant, employed by the Tsarist interior ministry, State Chancellery (as a State Councilor), and various other government departments for twenty-seven years, as well as a writer and translator (including the works of Emanuel Swedenborg) who was closely involved in Russian and European Spiritualism and the study of mediumship generally. He is credited with coining the term telekinesis (as a translation of the German word Fernwirkung).

Selected Bibliography

in Russian

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in German

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