Alexander Caird

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Alexander Caird
Born 24 September 1843(1843-09-24) [1]
Danvers, Essex Co., Massachusetts
Died 14 October 1927 (84) [2]
Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois
Alma mater Bennett Medical College of Eclectic Medicine and Surgery (Chicago, Il.)
Affiliations Lynn Spiritualists Association (Lynn, Mass.); Fraternal Order of Spiritualists of America (Chicago, Il.)
Spouse(s) Elizabeth Swain (m. 1871); Thora Hansen (m. 1897), a.k.a. "Mrs. Dr. Caird"

Alexander Caird (September 24, 1843 - October 14, 1927) was an American Spiritualist, shoemaker, physician, and naval veteran who served on the Union side during the American Civil War.

Press Coverage


  2. "Dr. Alexander Caird, 84, Spiritualist Leader, Dies", Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL): 12, 16 Oct. 1927,, "Dr. Alexander Caird, 84 years old, civil war veteran and pioneer leader in the spiritualist movement in America, died on Friday at his home, 3535 Cottage Grove avenue. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow in the chapel at 4227 Cottage Grove avenue. Dr. Caird was the organizer and president of the Fraternal Order of Spiritualists of America. On account of illness, however, he had not attended meetings for the last three years."