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Inomata Shūji (猪股修二)
Alias(es) Transliterated as Shiuji or Syuji Inomata by some sources
Born 25 November 1933(1933-11-25) [1]
Arai City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan
Died 17 April 2001 (67) [1]
Arai City, Niigata, Japan
Alma mater Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering University, Tokyo; Tokyo Institute of Technology (Ph.D.)
Affiliations Japan Psychotronics Institute (日本意識工学会)

Shuji Inomata (猪股修二, Inomata Shūji; November 25, 1933 - April 17, 2001) was a Japanese physicist and parapsychologist who served as chairman of the Japan Psychotronics Institute (日本意識工学会, Japanese Society for Consciousness Engineering). In addition to his writings and translations on the subject of psychotronics and psychic phenomena, Inomata was also noted for his study of Bruce DePalma's N-Machine.

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