William Hales

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William Hales
Born 8 April 1747(1747-04-08)
Cork, Ireland
Died 30 January 1831 (83)
Killesandra, Co. Cavan, Ireland
Alma mater Trinity College, Dublin (B.A.; D.D.)
Spouse(s) Mary Whitty (m. 1791)

William Hales (April 8, 1747 - January 30, 1831) was an Irish mathematician, a professor of Oriental Languages and Divinity at Trinity College, Dublin, and in the latter half of his life a clergyman of the Church of Ireland, serving as rector of Killeshandra in County Cavan (from 1787), where he was associated with the High Church tendency. Hales notably wrote a three-volume series on Biblical chronology in relation to the chronologies of various nations of the world, later expanded to four-volumes in the second edition, as well as a number of mathematical treatises, including works in support of Newtonian theories (such as Newton's calculus, the Method of Fluxions).

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Academic Treatises

A New Analysis of Chronology (1st ed.)

A New Analysis of Chronology (2nd ed.)

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